Electrical Engineering
Moving the Electronics for Electronics Work

The Department of Electrical Engineering is dedicated to the current needs of industry with the flexibility to tune its programmes according to different requirements. Electrical engineering is a very broad field, ranging from all aspects of information processing, power production and power distribution.

The curriculum of Department Of Electrical Engineering is gingerly designed to provide engineering graduates, consummate knowledge and skills required for a successful career in the field of Electrical Engineering. The course is at par with changing technology and enables the students to easily manage to multifarious environmental teams.

The well equipped electrical labs provide an excellent opportunity to the students for developing in depth skills in electrical engineering. These labs are equipped with latest equipments like Auto range digital insulation tester, Relay Test Set, Analogic CMR, Premier CT operated LT meter, Whole current sprint meter, Four channel 20-100 MHz CRO, D.C. variable shut compound meter, D.C. motor speed control unit, Electrical Test Bench, Motorized oil testing set, digital earth resistance tester, Three phase continuity variable auto transformer, Automatic voltage regulator etc. These laboratories help students of engineering to assimilate adequate fundamentals of electrical engineering with regard to transmission, distribution and generation. Various electrical labs are Electrical Machine Lab, Electrical Measurement Lab, and Electrical Workshop.

The students are being trained in the fields of Power systems, Power Electronics, Control systems and computers. With chronic shortage of Electric Power in India, there are huge investments on Electric Power Generation. Such investments coupled with Electrification of Railways and EHV Interconnection of state Grids has created huge potential for employment of Electrical Engineers with background of Electronics, Computer Science and Control System.

The Department gives its full support to the students so that they turn out to be the best engineers with flying colors in their lives.